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The Best ASCII Artists on Twitter / X

A collection of the best ASCII artists from Twitter and around the internet. This is the most current list of active artists that I could make.

a mouse ‹3s

@lt3s_mouse – minimalist ASCII art

Instagram –


@darokin – Underground computer artist. I make GIFs and creative coding stuff, visuals, using code, ascii art, pixel art, 3D…

See more on my tumblr :

Anywhere I look for ASCII art this guy pops up and for good reason, his art is amazing and clearly has spent a lot of time mastering his craft.


@vermileonhart – Digital Dark Arts. Venezuelan.

Only a few pieces but I am loving the two-tone look and the deathly vibe.

deZign | +#!asciiART

@SkinDezign – DEZiGN is a legendary digital Amiga Ascii/Ansi ArtGroup since 1992 [preUNREAL] with roots from the C64/ AmigaScene & inspired by the 80s graffiti on the walls

He has a lot of work on Facebook too so check that out. Here…


@tw1tt3rart –

Twitter Artist: ‘ASCII art’ in 140-or-less. Drawing pictures & block writing with Unicode objects.

He uses a mix of ASCII and Unicode art to make his pieces and takes an interesting approach to the art style.


@vagonparovoz – hi, I make ascii art

Monotone style with a skeleton theme. The animations are also next level and he has an interesting tutorial on how he makes his art and it is very interesting to watch I recommend you check it out on his Twitter.

Cute ASCII Art

@ascii_art140 – Tweet cute ASCII art ♫

It’s all in Japanese but it looks cool haha and yes it is very cute.


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